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The technology has evolved so quickly that every now and then there is a need of alternatives to traditional frameworks and the answer to this is the agile methodology. Agile has gained strong attention among IT and every business wants to adopt it. However, the companies generally face the issues like where to start or they find that agile is too expensive and some even face failure in implementing agile. Data Square has been serving its clients in cost effective manner with its expertise in Agile Methodologies for a wide range of years. Under the umbrella of our expertise fall our certified scrum masters who are well acquainted with automated testing for agile environments and are capable to leverage their knowledge and effective tools for product backlogging, sprints etc. The team possess the robust knowledge base for strategically implementing continuous integration. We build the strategy, advise on your program and compliance picture, and detect and respond to threats for the IT environments. Our team is online to help you with 24/7 support hours.


Our integrated platform is optimized for Websites, eCommerce and WordPress sites, assisting you boost sales with streamlined sites, store creation and Instant Store Search.


Data Square for IT Solutions assists organizations migrating their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Computing Services. Our specialists deliver highly-effective and trustful cloud computing services that provide organizations with a competitive edge locations.


In terms of handling the data, to realize this online means to offer central solutions which can be understood and used in your IT environment by your company staff, we could facilitate those solutions and systems to provide Server Systems, big storage capacities with high security, in addition, 3rd party system which capable to be integrated with the other systems in the environment with high level of reliability and availablity.


Data Square for IT Solutions provides engineering that deals with the development of software products. Our team operates within a set of principles, best practices, and methods that have been carefully honed throughout the years, changing as software and technology change.


Leverage experts, threat intelligence and global visibility to detect and respond to endpoint threats faster. Identify and prevent more threats so you can focus on your business. In addition, Secure works services bolster detective and preventative capabilities while removing the burden of updating and managing network devices.

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Our Service Delivery Teams have spent years figuring out the best way to handle a support ticket, escalate an issue, or respond after hours. We leave nothing to chance. Our clients receive the highest degree of service because every process is documented and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure proper follow-through and client satisfaction. The results speak for themselves.

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Data Square for IT Solutions offers managed IT services, with responsibilities ranging from specific on-demand response to 24/7/365 coverage of IT duties. Data Square can leverage managed IT services to reduce in-house IT workload or fill gaps left by existing IT roles and skills. These services are provided for on-premises IT, as well as for private cloud storage. As an extension of your business or IT department, our support services offer consistency to your IT operations and fill in the gaps where needed — allowing you to focus on your organization’s most important initiatives.

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